Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For the love of Shemales

If you love Shemales like I do, then you probably wonder why you're so damn attracted to them. Well, same here so the good news is you aren't the only one. Is it because they are most of the times more feminine than genetic women? Is it because they have a little extra "sumthin' sumthin" they're packing between those smooth thighs. Many times super passable ones often times look better than a whole lot of women.

But whatever the reason may be, that doesn't mean to say that you're necessarily gay or bi. Many men, including myself are straight men, with an undying love of the "Shemale" gender. I wouldn't consider it "tranny chasing" or any sort of fetish. I mean after all, I am also attracted to women just as much but we don't go around calling men, "woman chaser" or even consider it a fetish, if that makes sense to you.

But, I must say though that sex with a Transwoman is by far one of (if not) the most erotic, hottest, and best sex I've ever had. Maybe it's because it's very taboo in our society, but I notice more straight men leaning and opening up towards admitting an attraction to the Transgendered goddess. No offense to the ladies of course, I still love ya. Really though, if you have a curiosity about the Shemale gender, I would highly suggest you experience sexual intercourse with one at least once before you die, otherwise personally I would go as far to say that you are definitely missing out!

And to prove my point, I have a video here for you. If you don't find this stunning Transexual beauty in the least bit attractive then, I don't know what's wrong with you if you wouldn't want to make love to this Goddess of passion.

Please, enjoy..